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L-atitude and REGIE OTTOMAN Hotel are cooperating to create an online store with a delicate range of selected Turkish design products including souvenirs specially selected for you. L-atitude exhibits unique, rare clothing and accessories made by designers and artists in the world's most exotic places. Enjoy special sales discounts for special event invitations with the quality of House Hotel and L-atitude. Recommended by Vogue, Travel & Leisure, and Elle; the most prestigious fashion and travel magazines in the world.  

Locally Istanbul

REGİE OTTOMAN Hotel offers exclusive tours with Locally Istanbul which will take you to popular spots! We customize a route for you that fits your areas of interest, time, personality, and even your mood!


A real gourmet with an extremely sensitive sweet palate, Erk is a pretty valid reason to see this city known for thousands of desserts. Moreover, Erk is an antique enthusiast with eyes that see everything old and beautiful. Having spent a year in "The Big Apple," Erk grasped New York's glowing shopping world by the heart and is now looking forward to show you his own know-how to make you experience the greatest shopping experience of your lives in Istanbul.

As an expert in traditional Turkish cuisine and in finding all local spots thanks to his natural GPS skills, he is definitely the first person to call when you want to discover Istanbul's hidden tastes. With an eye that meticulously seeks all close and distant signs of artistic manifestation in terms of creativity, Ümit will accompany you in the special tour to Istanbul's flower decoration and design.

Hotel Momcierge

REGİE OTTOMAN  Hotel is delighted to welcome children of all ages. Our VIB (Very Important Baby) service works in partnership with Hotel Momcierge - a comprehensive family travel concierge founded in Istanbul. Hotel Momcierge helps families travel light and rest easy by providing equipment (cribs, strollers, high chairs etc) and services (babysitters, kid-friendly Istanbul recommendations etc). Hotel Momcierge was established in 2013 by Sevil Delin, the daughter and granddaughter of hoteliers, a travel writer for Condé Nast Traveller and The Guardian, and mother of a young son.

Hayal Kahvesi

Dominating Istanbul's night life since 1992, Hayal Kahvesi introduces live performances of various bands everyday of the week all around Turkey with thirteen branches. Fingering on the pulse of rock culture and besides starting the ball rolling for many new bands, Hayal Kahvesi also welcomed on stage the bands and singers that are milestones of rock music in Turkey. Focused only on live performances in some branches, Hayal Kahvesi offers music with a bistro food & beverage style in some others.

Kılıç Ali Paşa Bath

This is one of the symbolic structures in Tophane, Istanbul's port district and the center of commerce, contemporary art, food & beverage and attraction. Reopened in 2012 following a rigorous restoration work performed in the footsteps of Mimar Sinan's unmatched style and beauty, Kılıç Ali Paşa Bath was ordered by Kılıç Ali, the Conqueror of Seas, to Mimar Sinan as a place of service for marines in Tophane. One of the last works by the Great Master, it was built in 1578-1583.

Kılıç Ali Paşa Bath is one of the few baths that can be seen in full silhouette from the outside. Surrounded by domes decorated with translucent holes, its glorious main dome is the second largest bath dome in Istanbul. Under the well-lit grand dome, you once again witness from the inside the beauty of this structure in its large and spacious common room arranged in its original 16th century state. Turkish bath becomes a joy under the semidomes that transmit broad light beams.

Turkish Delight by Ali Muhhidin Hacıbekir

Şekerci Hacı Bekir Efendi came from the Araç district of Kastamonu to Istanbul in 1777 and personally made and sold candies like Turkish delight, hard candy, etc. in his small confectionery in Bahçekapı. He was called hacı (haji) after his trip for haj duty to Mecca in 1817-1820. Today, Şekerci Hacı Bekir Efendi has a legacy wandering around the palates of four different centuries and five continents.